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Discover all of Bon Parfumeur's perfumes with their Atelier Box of 30 miniatures. The 2.5ml minis are arranged by olfactive family, with each family corresponding to a specific color. Follow the roadmap and write down your preferences or your favorite perfume combinations. Includes a stack of paper smelling strips.

001: orange blossom, petitgrain and bergamot
002: neroli, jasmine and white amber
003: yuzu, violet leaves and vetiver
004: gin, mandarin and musk
101: rose, sweet pea and white cedar
102: tea, cardamom and mimosa
103: tiare flower, jasmine and hibiscus
104: green orange, hyacinth and ivy
105: YMC with mandarin, cinnamon and sandalwood
106: rose damascena, davana and vanilla
201: green apple, lily of the valley and quince
202: watermelon, red currant and jasmine
203: raspberry, vanilla and blackberry
301: sandalwood, amber and cardamom
302: amber, iris and sandalwood
303: chili, pink pepper and benzoin
401: cedar, candied plum and vanilla
402: vanilla, caramel and sandalwood
501: praline, licorice and patchouli
601: vetiver, cedar and bergamot
602: pepper, cedar and patchouli
603: leather, incense and tonka
701: eucalyptus, coriander and cypress
702: incense, lavender and cashmere wood
801: sea spray, cedar and grapefruit
802: peony, lotus and bamboo
901: nutmeg, almond and patchouli
902: armagnac, blond tobacco and cinnamon
903: Nepalese berries, saffron and oud
904: Afterhomework: vodka, tobacco and juniper

All perfumes are cruelty-free and made in France. 

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