The air is becoming crisp and it's the perfect time to wrap yourself up in warm comforting scents that celebrate the season in all of its autumnal glory. Woods, spice, leather, vanilla, musk — the list goes on. Check out these exceptional fragrances that smell a whole lot better than a pumpkin spice latte.

Image of 50ml Parfum Extrait
Image of 1.5ml Spray Sample
Autumn Rhythm
Earthy woods, smooth cashmeran and sexy leather
Samples out of stock.
Chris Collins
$ 5.00 - $ 225.00
Image of 100ml Eau de parfum
Image of 30ml Eau de parfum
Cedar with amber and a surprising mushroom note
January Scent Project
$ 5.00 - $ 145.00
Chipmunk By Zoologist 60ml Extrait de Parfum in a broad shouldered rectangular tapered clear glass bottle with a leather and gold banded cap, with a black label bordered in gold featuring a detailed black and white illustration of the perfume’s namesake animal
Chipmunk By Zoologist 60ml Extrait de Parfum designed by Pia Long
Ripe nuts with spice, green leaves and warm wood
$ 5.00 - $ 175.00
Image of 100ml Eau de Parfum
Image of 10ml Perfume Oil
Dark Horse
Spicy woods with a sweet vanillic drydown
Dame Perfumery
$ 5.00 - $ 95.00
Ebony in Oak By Scents of Wood 75ml Eau de Parfum in an opaque black anatomical heart-shaped bottle with a black Y-shaped metal cap resembling either carotid arteries or a tree branch. Gold circular charm with debossed name and logo tied around bottle with a black leather cord. Bottle spotlit from stage left, set on a knobby wood plinth. Dark and moody background.
Ebony in Oak By Scents of Wood 10ml Eau de Parfum Travel Spray in a clear glass vial with black wood cap
Ebony in Oak
Dark ebony blended with vintage oak barrel notes
Scents of Wood
$ 5.00 - $ 240.00
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Image of 1.5ml Spray Sample
Fin De Siecle
Libertine Fragrance
$ 5.00 - $ 107.00
Photo of 1.5ml spray sample of Hera extrait de parfum by Papillon Artisan Perfumes
Rich florals steeped in luxury & classic glamour
Samples out of stock.
Papillon Artisan Perfume
$ 10.00 - $ 310.00
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Image of 75ml Eau de Parfum
Samples out of stock.
Parfums de Marly
$ 5.00 - $ 310.00
Inside Scent: Gener
Bravanariz | Smelling Wild
$ 5.00 - $ 55.00