702: Incense, Lavender & Cashmere Woods

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The top notes of 702: Incense, Lavender & Cashmere Woods by Bon Parfumeur are incense, elemi, lemon and pink pepper, forming a half-spicy, half-green blend that issues floral hints and a touch of French lavender. The olfactory journey draws to a close with cashmere wood, vanilla, balsam of Peru and white musk. Fresh yet warm, traditional yet rock ‘n’ roll, understated yet full of personality, 702 is a fragrance of contradictions that will appeal to the curious at heart.

Bon Parfumeur chose a magnificent quality of Lavender from the South of France, produced by IFF-LMR. This supreme olfactory quality makes all the difference.

Notes: incense, pink pepper, lemon, lavender, cashmere wood, cedar, balsam of Peru, vanilla, white musk

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