Les Eaux Primordiales Discovery Set

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About the Set

Founded by Arnaud Poulain and based in an historic castle built in the 1800s known as the Primordial Estate, Les Eaux Primordiales is a "traditional and visionary perfume factory," where the invention of the perfumes is a collaborative effort between Poulain and his former teacher, perfumer Amélie Bourgeois.

“We don't create a perfume. We invent a perfume. For this inventor, everything starts from the dream. After the dream, comes the surpassing of oneself. Then follows an ever new and sensitive creative process that shapes a radically original product. To live your life is to take your dreams by surprise."

It is with these words that Arnaud Poulain explains the genesis of his collections which he invites us to interpret.

What's Inside

Les Eaux Primordiales Discovery Set contains nine generous 2.5ml perfume sample spray vials. The set is housed in a reusable magnetic box with a unique "soft touch" texture, no doubt a nod to Poulain's background in mechanical engineering.

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