Ambre Superfluide

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Ambre Superfluide by Les Eaux Primordiales is a delight of soft spices sprinkled over baked apple and drizzled with honied amber. Tobacco, vanilla and rum add a sweet boozy touch to this lovely French niche perfume.

From Les Eaux Primordiales
Evoking a long winter’s day spent by the fire. Imagine aromas of apple and cinnamon pie and gingerbread wafting in from the oven... Notes of spices and honey introduce character and softness into this comforting moment. The harmony of rum and tobacco adds a sweet and intense touch to the enchanting elixir. As we wrap ourselves in this perfume as if snuggling into a velvet armchair, we wish for time to stand still.

From Arnaud Poulain
"SUPERFLUID Amber is all that the Haute Parfumerie represents to me. The quintessence of passion and emotion. The nobility and generosity of raw materials. It took Amélie and I a few years to finalize the formulation of this fragrance and obtain the desired balance. I have always dreamed of developing an Amber perfume, but I wanted it radically different. A gourmet break, rich in sweetness and voluptuousness. A trail both innovative and addictive."

Arnaud Poulain & Amélie Bourgeois

honey, apple, cinnamon, sesame, bergamot, rose, cardamom, fir balsam, amber, vanilla, black tobacco, rum, benzoin

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