Saffron Superfluide

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Saffron Superfluide by Les Eaux Primordiales surrounds a suave saffron-suede blend with berries and herbs, bolstered by smooth woods and a hint of incense.

From Les Eaux Primordiales
Saffron is the red gold of the Middle East, derived from the beautiful Crocus flower. This precious spice is first adorned with aromatic notes of thyme and sage. Then raspberry, round and sensual, enters the scene and lifts the veil on the precious woods of guaiac and cedar. The scent of suede puts the final touch on a perfume that looks like a work of art.

From Arnaud Poulain
“Harrod’s London gave me the fantastic opportunity to create a characterful fragrance, exclusive to the department store. I wanted this new fragrance to make a strong impression and, for that, we opted for the noblest materials available to the perfumer. I chose to work with the precious and quite singular crocus flower which bears within it the most refined spice the East has to offer: saffron. Saffron SUPERFLUIDE brings together subtle aromatic notes offset by a leather/raspberry accord. The result will leave no-one indifferent. Having always been inspired by charismatic and bold personalities, I designed this fragrance to boost its wearer’s confidence. The time has come to assert your singularity to the world!”

Arnaud Poulain & Amélie Bourgeois

incense, thyme, clary sage, raspberry, blackcurrant, jasmine, lily of the valley, saffron, cedarwood, guaiac wood

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