Santal Superfluide

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In Santal Superfluide by Les Eaux Primordiales, juicy plum brings out the richness of supple sandalwood, while balsamic labdanum and smooth musks add a sultry depth under the floaty light touch of violet.

From Les Eaux Primordiales
A luscious bouquet of plum and violet encountered at the bend of a forest of precious woods, Santal Superfluide is an ode to nature, noble and mysterious. A few spicy notes of saffron elevate the rose and Australian sandalwood to celebrate the union of strength and delicacy.

From Arnaud Poulain
“Santal is the seventh opus of the SUPERFLUIDE collection that celebrates, among others, precious woods. For years, I have wanted to work with this ingredient which offers powdery, balsamic, slightly animalic facets. I have always had a very emotional reaction to its warm and velvety scent. Sprayed on hotspots such as the wrists, inner elbows or knees, Santal leaves behind a woody, strongly addictive trail.”

Arnaud Poulain & Amélie Bourgeois

bergamot, plum, rose oxide, violet, Australian sandalwood, saffron, cistus labdanum, ambroxan, cedar, musks

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