Room 1015 Discovery Set Perfume Samples: 2ml perfume sample spray vials of Atramental, Cherry Punk, Electric Wood, Hollyrose, Purple Mantra, Sonic Flower, Sweet Leaf, Ten Fifteen, Yesterday niche fragrances from Room 1015.

Room 1015 Discovery Set

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About the Set

The Room 1015 Discovery Set is jam-packed with nine of Room 1015's show-stopping fragrances, including brand superstars Cherry Punk and Sonic Flower, two stunners from perfumer-on-fire Jérôme Epinette. One of the most popular and beloved niche fragrance brands at the shop. 

What's Inside
  • Atramental
    Leather, ink and musk evoke the tattoo experience
  • Cherry Punk (eau de parfum version)
    Boozy cherry cola, leather & a whisper of ash
  • Electric Wood
    Warm cedar, iris, smooth musk, spice & herbs
  • Hollyrose
    Rose warmed with Tuscan leather
  • Purple Mantra
    A peppery incense with lavender & myrrh
  • Sonic Flower
    Orris and jasmine step up to center stage
  • Sweet Leaf
    Fresh cannabis with grapefruit & eucalyptus
  • Ten Fifteen
    Delicate violet over sandalwood & smoked papyrus
  • Yesterday
    A modern classic barbershop-fresh fougère

Set contains 9 x 2ml perfume sample spray vials

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