Herbcraft Five Shades Set

Herbcraft Five Shades Set

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A flight of 1.5ml spray samples of all five spirit waters from Herbcraft Perfumery:

BRAMBLE – wild orange, wild raspberry, strawberry aldehydes, wormwood, black hemlock, Rose Road Turkish rose, acacia flower, violet, wild amber, tobacco, wild amyris wood, cedarwood, patchouli leaf, vetiver root

DAEMONICA – bitter orange, ruby grapefruit, pink pepper, Namibian myrrh, geranium, jasmine, narcissus, rose, almond, cinnamon, tobacco, cypriol, oud†, leather, styrax, civet†, vanilla† and musk†.

HYPNOTICA – lavender, violet leaf, violet flower, plum, jasmine, tuberose and benzoin.

MEMORIA – fir, fog, juniper, wormwood, cypress, smoke, cedarwood, amber and vanilla†.

OFRENDA – bergamot, lime, mezcal, cempasuchil (Mexican marigold), cocaloxochitl (red frangipani), tuberose, chile ancho, cardamom, corn silk, cacao, vanilla† and ambrette.

†synthetic reconstitution of an endangered species or animal ingredient.

San Francisco-based Mauricio Garcia

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