"I had a dream about inheriting an old witch’s magic. Ancient, glittering perfume bottles whirled around me, and, in the way of dreams, I knew that sealed within each jewel-colored vessel was a powerful spirit: beings of desire and nostalgia, of hope and loss and memory. In order to learn the spells that compelled the spirits to enchant the blends into bewitching perfumes, I had to devote myself to learning their secrets. The union of the material and spirit worlds is the heart of Herbcraft— a crossroads of alchemy and spirit work.
Scent is a powerful sense, with a lifetime of experiences from which to draw. It is the biochemical interaction between aromatic molecules and sensory neurons, igniting a cosmic flare of electrical signals and invoking decades of recollection and association. When one takes into consideration the spirits of the plants with which we work, and the intelligences they imbue into such precious, fragrant substances, one cannot help but wonder what else these botanical spirits might conjure within and around us as we ritualistically anoint our wrists, neck, hair and space with perfume, filling the air with rose and musk, sweet resin and jasmine, black pine and damp moss.
Such wonder lies at the heart of beauty, and such supernatural beauty is the essence of Herbcraft Perfumery." - Mauricio Garcia, Herbcraft Perfumery perfumer and certified aromatherapist