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Bramble by Herbcraft Perfumery is a bright yet rich and complex raspberry-rose fragrance. Described by Herbcraft perfumer Mauricio Garcia with eloquence: 

Buttery Turkish rose, grown and distilled on family farms and distributed by Rose Road Marumi from Japan, shines at the heart of Bramble. The sweet, wine-like aroma of raspberry leaf absolute has been enriched by sumptuous tobacco, both sharing radiant rose and dry fruit-like damascone molecules integral to the scent of roses.

They also share haunting, violet-scented ionone molecules with rich, golden acacia flowers, so luxurious gods are said to be born beneath its branches.

Precious, sustainably-sourced oils from the balsamic amyris tree and Spanish labdanum resin sing like honey on skin, shaded with delectable depth by cacao, patchouli, vetiver, black spruce and wormwood.

Notes: wild orange, wild raspberry, effervescent strawberry aldehydes, wormwood, black hemlock, bramble vines, Rose Road Turkish rose, acacia flower, violet, wild amber, tobacco, wild amyris wood, cedar wood, patchouli leaf, vetiver root

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