Scent No. 17 Civet Chypre

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No. 17 Civet Chypre is a dirty floral with a heady mix of powerful flowers (neroli, ylang ylang and rose) and the deeply mysterious civet. The blend of neroli and bergamot at the top opens the door, letting in the luxurious animal, slinky, sexy and a bit naughty. The proud beast marks his territory around the room and stays, lying among the flowers. This is an irreverent fragrance with a soft side, modern and classic at the same time. It is primal and supremely elegant. Worn by bad boys in floral cravats, surprisingly chic women holding court in the catacombs of Paris and those who dare to challenge the concept of floral fragrances. 

Made in small batches by perfumer Dannielle Sergent in San Francisco.

Notes: neroli, bergamot, ylang ylang, rose, civet accord (vegan), amber, oakmoss and musk.

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