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Civet by Zoologist pays tribute to perfume's past with the time-tested blend of glamorous white flowers, oakmoss and luxurious musks, but does so with contemporary materials and flair. More luxurious than animalic, the civet note is toned down enough to make this beautifully designed chypre perfume wonderfully wearable. 

From Zoologist
As the sun sinks over the dense tropical forest, civets emerge warily from the thickets. Under a carpet of narcotic flower blossoms, a smattering of coffee berries peppers the ground. The moist air is heavy with mossy aromas that penetrate every crevice, but the musky scent of the civets dominates; their marked territory daring one to enter at one’s own risk.

Zoologist Civet pays homage to the age-old ingredient, civet, as well as chypre perfumes of bygone days — perfumes that refused to be intimidated by raw, alluring, animalistic musks. Civet is a moody and complex brew entwined in mystery. It opens with a spicy floral accord, threaded through with dark coffee tones. Slowly it prowls forward, unraveling base notes of leather, moss and vanilla that combines with distinctive civet musk to create a bewildering, sophisticated scent with the promise of a sultry nighttime 20.

Shelley Waddington

bergamot, black pepper, lemon, orange, spices, tarragon, carnation, frangipani, heliotrope, hyacinth, linden, tuberose, ylang ylang, balsam, civet, coffee, incense, labdanum, musk, oakmoss, resins, Russian leather* vanilla, vetiver and woods.

Zoologist Civet does not contain animal products.

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