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The brilliant Japanese house Comme des Garçons has long been known for creativity that breaks with convention, while simultaneously setting standards for contemporary design, in both clothing and fragrance.

ZERO is an expression of simplicity, the antithesis of excess — with carbon neutrality as a formative concept, with each element shaped by reduction and restraint. And here's how...

With fewer ingredients than a traditional fragrance, the focus is on preservation, using materials that were grown and obtained sustainably. The iconic CdG "pebble" bottle was re-created to be fully recyclable, even removing the plastic lining inside the cap. The box is printed in simple black ink with FSC-qualified paper.

How does it smell? Natural hand-harvested cedarwood, extracted by hydroelectric power, is lifted by fresh bergamot. Musk and equitably-sourced Hatian vetiver add a rich background to a dose of green synthetic rose and a quintessentially CdG varnish accord. In short, a dreamy skin scent with a *pop* of rose oxide and a sneaky punk rock synthetic attitude. Both easy and edgy.

Notes: bergamot, synthetic rose, varnish accord, cedarwood, Haitian vetiver, musk

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