We're huge fans of Comme des Garçons and are beyond honored to represent this legendary brand. Rei Kawakubo launched her "anti-fashion" clothing brand in Tokyo in 1969, smashing the conventions of the time with her deconstructed and wholly new vision. The first CdG fragrances were launched in the early 1990s and were noted for their use of unconventional and surprising notes not found in traditional French perfumery (though many of the perfumers Kawakubo collaborates with are indeed French).

The CdG fragrance collections have garnered a huge international following, and Rei Kawakubo has become a celebrated cultural icon (or iconoclast?), with artistic collaborators such as the choreographer Merce Cunningham and museum exhibits dedicated to her work, including at the MOMA in NYC. We count ourselves long-converted and are pleased to present an assortment of the best the brand has to offer.