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The rare and costly essential oil of Bulgarian Zdravetz, lends a uniquely herbal geranium note to this bright woody-rose and leather fragrance.

"Zdravetz is my answer to all the requests I’ve had for a rose scent. I love roses and rose fragrances (maybe most of all), but my feeling is that if you don’t have something new to say there’s no point in making yet another rose perfume — there are already so many great ones out there. I turned to the zdravetz herb, a tiny plant in the geranium family that grows high in the mountains of Bulgaria.

Zdravetz. It literally translates as 'health,' and this herb has a lot of traditional medicinal and symbolic use. The essential oil is rare (and costly) and the supply is unpredictable, so it’s not used in mainstream perfumes. It’s very tenacious with a uniquely herbal and woody-rose note. I added leather and woods along with a big dose of vanilla to create an optimistic, resilient and diffusive scent." - Bruno Fazzolari, perfumer-founder of Fzotic

Notes: grapefruit, bergamot, galbanum, Bulgarian rose, passion fruit, cedar, leather, vanilla and zdravetz.

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