White Whale

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New for 2022, Masque Milano's White Whale is an homage to H. Melville's Moby Dick, with an original take on an oceanic, aquatic fragrance. Ambergris and the vision of an old rustic ship brought to life with a complex wood blend of Virginia cedar, Indonesian patchouli and Haitian vetiver. Carefully dosed marine nuances represent the vast ocean and salty sea ropes. A candlelit captain's cabin comes to life with glowing osmanthus, an old-books orris and boozy absinthe.

Perfumer: Christian Alori

Notes: olibanum East Africa, salty rope accord, black pepper Madagascar, ambergris accord, osmanthus China, violet flower, orris Italy, cedarwood Virginia, patchouli Indonesia, vetiver Haiti, cistus labdanum

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