NEZ: The Olfactory Magazine – Issue 06 Autumn/Winter 2018

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06 | Mind & Body

The Nose Knows
Smelling is pleasurable, without doubt, but can it also be curative? Could sniffing fragrances be a remedy for depression or pain, or even life-prolonging? Aromatic substances have long played a therapeutic and spiritual role in human society, and in modern daily life smells still have an effect on our health, our mood and our emotions. Here we explore the affinity between the nose, the body and the mind through the prism of history, medicine, research, religion and psychoanalysis.

Nez #6 explores the connection between body and mind. What are the therapeutic virtues of perfume? What reactions does it cause within us?

Nez continues its olfactory exploration in depth and always takes us beyond borders, clichés and ideas about smell.

What relationship does a writer have with his sense of smell?

What are the odors related to the world of sports?

What are the olfactory secrets of the fleur-de-lis?

Are you familiar with the olfactory rituals of the Amazon?

How is patchouli grown?

What characterized the perfume of the 1980s?


What is the connection between our nose, our health and our soul?

Can odors heal us?

Do you know how olfactive marketing works?

What is the L'Origan de Coty family tree ?

Answers to these questions in Nez #6!

Published: Nov. 2018
English only
144 pages

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