L'Or de Louis

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Arquiste L'Or de Louis 'Fire Blossom' is centered on a vintage-style orange blossom with a warm, woody background, including notes of orange blossom absolute, pomegranate and honey.  The fragrance has undeniable opulence to boot — the formula contains 24 karat gold.

From Arquiste

History: April 1687, The Orangery, Versailles

More than a thousand Mediterranean trees are housed in the cathedral-like galleries of the Orangery. Built by the King’s architect to impress courtiers, the tree-lined space became a theatrical setting to entertain the Court. Inside, the gardeners would build bonfires to keep the trees warm so when the Sun King visited, the heady scent of firewood blended with his beloved orange blossoms would emit a generous golden aura. L'Or de Louis evokes the moments when Louis XIV and his Court would visit the Grand Orangery to delight in the flowering orange trees warmed by bonfires.

Rodrigo Flores Roux

orange blossom absolute, pomegranate, bergamot , jasmine absolute, honey, florentine orris, musk, cedar wood, firewood smoke, cade wood, oislet de chypre (a resinous accord dating from the 17th century)

Includes toxin-free, cosmetic-grade 24 karat Gold flakes. 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz. glass bottle of the highest Italian quality with Arquiste's signature ‘A’ engraved metal cap, as well as the newest technology for an invisible spray tube.

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