Leather Petals

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Leather Petals, the newest scent from the stylish contemporary NYC fragrance house Régime des Fleurs, is an intentionally unsettling composition of bitters, woods, poisonous herbs and flowers with a smoothly subtle leather undertone.

"Leather Petals is an ode to New York. I first moved here at 16, desperate to be a part of the drama and decadence I grew up reading about. The perfume is mysterious and seductive: what if flowers were made from leather? That sort of energy is what drew me here, and Gotham did not disappoint." – Alia Raza

Perfumer: Mathieu Nardin

Notes: artemisia bitters, davana, rum, orris, osmanthus, galbanum, patchouli, cedar, venenum flower, labdanum, styrax, leather 

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