La Couleur de la Nuit

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La Couleur de la Nuit by Voyages Imaginaires is a vintage-style lavender fougère fragrance with a green aromatic opening. The heart includes fir balsam and geranium, which sink into an increasingly sweet progression of patchouli and vanilla.

From Voyages Imaginaires
Enigmatic lights in alleyways, diffuse shadows of red lanterns reflected on damp and sparkling sidewalks. An exhilarating night walk in the dampness of an Asian night. Elegance in chiaroscuro, a scene from Wong Kar-Wai.

On the skin... tension between bolts of light spouting over a dark, bewitching background. The aromatic accents of young lavender, elegant rose geranium, then coolness gives way to sweetness flitting near voluptuous vanilla, warm and woody fir balsam and dark patchouli.

Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal

lavender, geranium, rose, fir balsam, patchouli, vanilla

Every fragrance in the Voyages Imaginaires collection is made from ingredients of natural origin and uses organic alcohol.

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