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Violet colored rice powder on an elegant face. Enamel violets, cigarettes, Victorian silk and velvet, Pygmalion, Nureyev, shades of mauve. A collision of natural, rough, artificial, delicate. The narrative snapshots of photographer Hiromix.

From Regime des Fleurs
A mauve-filtered witness of a Kyoto university student’s starched suit. Contemplative, soft, layered powdered and floral elements. A delicate secret tucked behind teeth.

From Alia Raza
Himitsu, meaning “secret” is a love letter to Kyoto, penned by Christopher and addressed to me. We’d shared a fondness for Japan and I was moved by the scenes of Kyoto he’d paint in my mind while encouraging me to visit. Together we dreamt up a character: a quiet, contemplative student. Genderless, richly layered, someone subtle in nature but sure to make their mark. And from there the fragrance was born.

Dominique Ropion

muguet, heliotrope, violet, saffron, tolu balsam, suede

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