DS & Durga Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Discovery Set

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About the Set

The D.S. & Durga Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Discovery Set features the top 6 sellers in the line: Bowmakers, Cowboy Grass, Debaser, I Don't Know What, Radio Bombay and Rose Atlantic. A perfect way to jump into this exceptional modern indie brand from Brooklyn.

What's Inside
  • Rose Atlantic

    Beach roses & dune grass in a perfect marine floral

  • Bowmakers

    A warm and woody imagining of rosin & polished woods

  • Cowboy Grass

    Earthy & herbaceous blend of sage, thyme & vetiver

  • I Don't Know What

    A subtle but enigmatic skin scent

  • Radio Bombay

    One of the first perfumes we suggest for sandalwood lovers

  • Debaser

    Fresh, green & creamy indie perfume legend

David Seth Moltz

Set contains 6 x 1.5ml perfume sample spray vials

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