Cowboy Grass

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One of the first perfumes from DS & Durga, Cowboy Grass is built around an herbaceous blend of American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, and prairie switchgrass with subtle hints of leather and rose that emerge and descend into dark, earthy vetiver. From the good people at DS&D:

"American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, and prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback.

Cowboy Grass is dirty-leathery. Not the warm aristocratic leather of drawing room sofas, but rather the saddles worn and ragged from years of use by riders who transversed the West. Perhaps there’s even a nod to the ashy-oily scent of an antique Colt 45 revolver strapped within the seat. This may be what Mick smells like when he whines out the chorus in ‘Torn & Frayed’ (part of the Stones epic Exile on Main Street – a masterpiece of American musical idioms)."

Notes: rosewood, wild thyme, bergamot, sagebrush, basil, rose Otto, vetiver, grass, ambergris

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