Fort & Manlé Discovery Set

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The Fort & Manlé Discovery Set is a perfect way to experience the unique aesthetic of perfumer Rasei Fort. The set is $60 and contains 7 x 2ml samples of:

All the Queen's Men: The essential insect collects nature's dust and turns it into liquid gold. Dried fruit and honey, spice and wood.

Amber Absolutely: Layered with rich plum and rose, dripping with honied amber and labdanum, warmed with polished woods.

Bojnokopff: Delightfully odd yet totally wearable — French lavender and vanilla descend into dark chocolate and smoky oud.

Fatih Sultan Mehmed: Bergamot and crisp red apple open to rose and iris. Incense, ambergris and musk for a luxe, regal finish.

Harem Rose: Subtle and smooth rose, accented with a delicate blend of amber, benzoin, vetiver, musk and vanilla. Intimate, lovely.

Honiara: A fresh island breeze delivers exotic fruit, coconut palms and creamy frangipani. Oakmoss, patchouli and vanilla add depth.

Late Harvest: Grandad's old leather tobacco pouch, an antique rosewood pipe. Cherry tobacco and sweet moisture in the fields.

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