Late Harvest

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Age can be measured in memories. The memory of days gone by, passed down from generation to generation is a record as grand as the simplest moments they recall.

Aged and flavored by a lifetime of use, Grandad’s old leather tobacco pouch unlocks a world of memories. Still ripe with the depth of flavors embedded over the years, seasoned by the dipping of his rosewood pipe and heat of his chest pocket. The aroma of cherry pipe tobacco with earthy notes and nuances of sweet moisture in the fields recalls happy days and the cool breeze of Late Harvest. Nostalgic. Unforgettable.

Autumn holds on sometimes
The years give us clues as we go
Hard work in the fields
Prepping for winter can break a man
Life by moon and rain
And the evening pipe
Bring it all back to mind 

Grandad's old leather tobacco pouch, an antique rosewood pipe. Cherry tobacco and sweet moisture in the fields.

Rasei Fort

cherry pipe tobacco, vanilla, cedarwood, rosewood, rose

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