Desert Rosewood

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Woody - Liquerous - Gourmand - Mystical

Desert Rosewood presents a rich, amber and woody fragrance that evokes thick, arid deep forests . A heady rush of resinous Australian desert rosewood reveals a sweetness of mandarin and vanilla, before finally settling into an exotic blend of wood and spices. 

The perfect scent for women and men who love amber, vanilla and leathery notes.

Notes: desert rosewood Australia, mandarin Sicily, cardamom India, benzoin Laos, vanilla Comoros Islands, patchouli Indonesia

Origin Buddha Wood: Central Highlands Victoria, Australia

Note: Due to unstable weather conditions and constant changes in nutritional components in the soil, the colour of essential oils after distillation may vary from time to time and influence the colour of your perfume.

Concentration: Perfume. All of Goldfield & Banks' perfumes have a concentration of +20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions.

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