Cedar in Acacia

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Feel the warmth of a sun-kissed embrace with a fragrance that embarks you on a journey of spices, fruits, and amber to create an enthralling exhilaration of the senses.

Amber Sunsets

Feel the heat with a sultry sunset of the senses with Cedramber. A natural balm for the challenges of the day, this fragrance leaves a sun-kissed imprint on your skin that calls to memories of summer.

Sparks of Acacia

An untamable scent of spice and Ginger that dances on the palette and exudes a velvety spark that speaks to the heart.

Fresh Expressions

Notes of Ginger Oil, Cinnamon Bark, and Cypriol Heart add further electricity to an already thunderous bouquet, throwing back to a time of nostalgia-tinged adventure and freedom.

Cast in Resin

Olibanum Resin rounds this profoundly woody and fiery fragrance, adding a touch of provocative sensuality that smoothes the fragrance and makes an aroma an addiction.

Perfumer: Pascal Gaurin

Notes: Fresh ginger, cinnamon bark, cypriol heart, orris, frankincense, Cedramber

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