Scents of Wood

Scents of Wood is a journey into the magical mystery of forests and trees. This exciting fragrance brand takes a deep dive into the wonderful woods, using a new technique in which each fragrance is combined with an organic perfumer's alcohol aged in a vintage wooden barrel. Barrels are sourced from previous lives in which they may have held bourbon, rye, cognac and even maple syrup — infusing each fragrance with a unique wood-based character.

Forests make us fall in love with nature and the universe. They are an exploration of the senses and Shinrin Yoku, the brand’s Japanese name, is about capturing that feeling, that pull, that attraction. It loosely translates to “Forest Bathing”, a form of walking meditation amongst trees.

L’Âme du Bois, the brand’s French name, means “Soul of Wood”. An evocation of the brand’s unique creative process, the tree essences the perfumers select, the barrels in which they age their organic alcohol.

Scents of Wood, the brand’s English name, honors the final output of this labor of love.

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Photo of Scents of Wood's Praline in Maple candle
Praline in Maple Candle
Chestnut pralines steeped in maple syrup barrels
Scents of Wood
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