Cashmeran in Cognac

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Soft and subtly boozy, with the classic powder of orris and the cozy-elegance of cashmeran, tobacco and vanilla. Warm spices drift in the distance. 

From Scents of Wood
A sensual and smoldering fragrance that takes us back to indulgent memories of an evening spent sipping perfectly aged cognac while nestled in a velvet armchair with a cashmere blanket in front of a fireplace.

Warm and enveloping, pipe tobacco and Cashmeran elicit the aroma of extra-aged cognac and the sensuous experience of sipping this ambered spirit. Pipe tobacco lends notes of dried fruit, sweet woods and boozy vanilla. Unique textural Cashmeran cocoons the fragrance with ambery, musky sensuality.

Carlos Benaïm

warm spices, tagette (Mexican marigold), orris, Cashmeran, Ambroxan, pinyon wood embers, vanilla bean, tobacco, sandalwood

Scents of Wood fragrances use perfumers alcohol that has been aged in wooden barrels, which adds a unique wood character to the scents. Cashmeran in Cognac uses alcohol aged in a cognac barrel, adding a hint of the liqueur as well.

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