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Miss_U by Laboratorio Olfattivo evokes rays of sparkling citrus dancing in a warm sky on top of fluffy vanilla clouds, over a rich ground of smoky guaiac wood, creamy ambroxan and luxe oud.

From Laboratorio Olfattivo
Miss_U is the need to wear a merge of sensuality and caresses, the desire to be enwrapped into ambery, animal notes and touched by warm woods and vanilla. Again, and again. Miss_U: An absence that becomes presence. Miss_ U aims to capture the emotion of the absence in a mysterious and unique perfume, as an elusive and intangible animal. As Need_U is a message from the perfume to the skin, I need you, Miss_U is a declaration from the skin to the perfume: a silent or whispered but yet powerful shout, I miss you. If it’s true that beauty stems from the experience we have lived, it is equally true that the desire of what has been, goes beyond a single moment and let an emotion to be eternal.

Luca Maffei

bergamot zest, yellow tangerine, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, ambroxan, agarwood, patchouli, vanilla, guaiac wood

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