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Zoologist Sloth extrait de parfum is as original as sloth sightings are rare in most parts of the world. The composition pays homage to the habitat of this mellow creature and even the moss that grows on its fur. Chamomile opens to a blend of violet leaf and anise with a hint of beeswax. Incense, hay and cumin are deepened with an earthy mushroom accord.

From Zoologist
Set in a deep mossy rainforest, Zoologist Sloth captures the tranquility of this sleepy beast in a soothing green essence. Calming lavender, chamomile, marigold and jasmine combine with the stillness of bittersweet hay and damp moss, stitched together by threads of luscious incense. The result is dreamy and exotic. As it settles on the skin, Sloth carries one up to a place where stresses simply tumble away.

Prin Lomros

chamomile, açaí berry, lavender, violet leaf, marigold, beeswax, anise, jatamansi, jasmine, cumin, hay, frankincense, myrrh, mushroom, oakmoss, vanilla and tonka.

Zoologist Sloth contains beeswax and bees are not harmed in its harvesting.

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