Musk Deer

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Zoologist's Musk Deer pays tribute to the wintery Siberian forest where the rare musk deer mate. Male musk deer leave their scent on the bases of trees to attract the females, a potent musk.

For centuries these tiny fanged creatures have been hunted to near extinction, coveted for their fragrant musk pods. Zoologist respects this majestic mammal, masterfully recreating the distinctive scent though a mixture of oud, florals and cruelty-free synthetic musks. The resulting fragrance begins with a lovely cardamom over soft jasmine and orris, supported by warm woods and floating in a cloud of sweet vintage-style musks.

Notes: cardamom, calamus oil, rose, sambac, jasmine absolute, patchouli, Atlas cedar, labdanum absolute, ambrette absolute, orris absolute, Laos oud and Australian sandalwood.

Perfumer: Pacal Gaurin

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