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Much like the dream-like nocturnal creature it pays tribute to, Moth by Zoologist is an unsettling and beautiful fragrance. Best tried on skin where the rich blend of honey, spice and powdery musks come to life. With a nod to vintage floral perfumes and a subtle hint of smoke, Moth sends shivers down our spines with its delicate, haunting grace.

From Zoologist
Their days are spent secluded in camouflage, the intricate pattern of their wings disguising them against a coarse backdrop of barks and rocks. When they finally stir, even their flight is concealed, shrouded beneath the cover of night. Moonlight ripples off a delicate coating of tiny hairs as their feathered antennae guide them in their search for a mate. Only one temptation can lure them from their quest. Should they succumb to the attraction of the flame, their urge to procreate may be quashed in a wisp of smoke and a smattering of ashes.

At first encounter, the rich, gothic scent of Zoologist Moth may surprise but soon it hypnotizes. A heavy dose of dark spices jolts your senses before settling into a dusting of honey-sweet rose and powdery florals. Slowly, it tests its wings, taking flight on an exotic journey of nagarmotha, guaiac wood and patchouli. Beneath it all lingers a smoky undertone that serves as a constant reminder of the danger within the tantalizing flame.

稲葉 智夫 (Tomoo Inaba)

black pepper, cinnamon, clove, cumin, lemon, nutmeg, saffron, heliotrope, iris, jasmine, mimosa, muguet, rose, ambergris, honey, resins, guaiacwood, musk, nagarmotha, oud, patchouli, smoke, vetiver

Zoologist Moth does not contain animal products.

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