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Zoologist's Chipmunk extrait is a playful perfume tribute to the fall season and one of its busiest denizens. Described by our Store Manger, Michael Ryan, as a delicious wood-filled cake, the dry woods and smooth nuttiness are enriched with semi-sweet fruits, silky musks and a subtle earthiness. From Zoologist:

The lush green of the treetops fades to a dull gold. What seems a peaceful transition actually raises a blaring alarm to the creatures below. Time is running out. But for generations, mighty oaks have fulfilled a promise to provide, and leaves are not the only bounty tumbling to the forest floor. Chipmunks scurry among the detritus in their quest to collect the plumpest acorns. They eagerly gather what they can and, cheeks bulging with nuts, scamper home to line their snug burrows before falling leaves give way to biting snow.⁣

⁣Zoologist Chipmunk captures an autumn forest bursting with ripe nuts. Juicy quince dusted with cardamom and nutmeg dangles tantalizingly among naturalistic woods and green, milky kernels. Chipmunk invites you up into the branches, offering a dazzling vantage point from which to enjoy the rich golden and russet hues of the changing seasons.⁣

⁣Perfumer: Pia Long

Notes: quince, pink pepper, red mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg⁣, camomile, hazelnut, fir balsam, oak, earthy notes⁣, cedarwood, amyris, patchouli, vetiver, benzoin, opoponax, guaiacwood, animal notes⁣*

*Zoologist Chipmunk does not contain animal products

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