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Conceived as "an initiatory journey toward lightness", VIXI is a luminous and fresh eau de parfum that truly smells like "a luminous ode to life." On skin, flickers of gentle warmth from sandalwood and cedarwood are complemented by the cool, smooth, green spiciness of cardamom and sage. A stunning and exciting new addition to the woody-aromatic family of fragrance.

From Trudon
Experienced nose Emilie Bouge imagined Vixi like a flow of life filled with clarity, an exploration of inner light. Vixi reveals the spiritual strength of a Nepalese sandalwood, the sacred nature of sage, the freshness of bitter orange petitgrain natural oil and the flowery perfume of jasmine essence.

Emilie Bouge

cardamom, natural Italian petitgrain essence, natural essence of Balkan sage, sandalwood, cedarwood, jasmine

Trudon's 100ml perfume bottles resembles the design of Trudon’s scented candles. Created by Pauline Deltour, the rippled-glass cap evokes the elegant silhouette of La Promeneuse. In a pine-green hue, the top counterbalances the transparent bottle, inspired by blocks of crystal.

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