Troubled Spirits

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Troubled Spirits is a dark and deep amber scent, perfect for cutting through the cold and dark of night. Liquor soaked spices zested with orange and showered with damask rose petals are chased by wine soaked fruit from a charred oak barrel. Troubled Spirits is an olfactory tribute to all the "good trouble" troubled spirits out there; the ones who stay up an hour too late to enjoy one too many cocktails; the ones who kiss strangers and flirt with friends; the ones who burn a little brighter than others. A scent about finding comfort in wildness.

From Libertine
Troubled Spirits in other words: Shared mischief and good trouble, a flask of bourbon hidden under a winter coat, a parting kiss in a coat room, a glass of wine too many, secrets spilled out over an evening all over your best friend’s floor.

oakwood (USA), orange zest, damask rose (Morocco), vanilla (India), aged patchouli (India), amber

Joshua Smith

Libertine Fragrance is an independent North American perfume house, blending, bottling & labelling perfumes by hand in Canada. All Libertine Fragrances are vegan and cruelty free, unisex, and made slowly, with love.

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