Tiglio Mirabilis

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Tiglio Mirabilis by Laboratorio Olfattivo blends fresh linden blossom with neroli and spice over a gentle, wood-and-musk base. 

From Laboratorio Olfattivo
Someone says that the linden scent encourages human relationships, donating comfort and well-being. Tiglio Mirabilis is a fragrance that encloses all the pleasure, peace and quiet that linden blooms spread with their early-summer scent.

Luca Maffei

neroli, ginger, cardamom, linden blossom, jasmine, cashmere wood, musk

Tiglio Mirabilis was originally released under the name "Til.."; Tiglio Mirabilis and Til.. are the same fragrance, with Tiglio Mirabilis as its new name.

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