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Golestan extrait de parfum by Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes is like wandering through an elegantly complex flower garden planted on royal grounds, inspired by Andy Tauer's dream of visiting the Rose Garden Palace (aka Golestan) in Tehran. Natural Bulgarian rose and heady white flower absolutes with a rich base of patchouli, amber and sweet soft woods. From Tauer:

A striking and sophisticated experience of gracefully blended flowers blooming in a timeless manner in a colorful place. The garden greets you with first impressions of fresh citrus and rich ylang. Rose absolute from Bulgaria softens exuberant doses of white flower absolutes: sensual jasmine, lustful tuberose and erotic orange blossom. The exuberant complexion of these natural absolutes gives rise to an abundant and dynamic floral perfume. The base is rich, with creamy patchouli and amber notes blended into sweet and soft woods. Golestan refers the seductive classics, yet it is an uncompromisingly modern and original perfume.

Andy's Inspiration: "It all started when I visited the Louvre in Paris in 2020. There I stumbled over a section that I never visited before although I was in the Louvre a couple of times. The section was all about Persian empires and history. A revelation!

I was mesmerized by the grandeur, by the statues, and the cultural heritage, spanning more than 5000 years.

I began to discover more, reading books and I ended up discovering the palace with the name of Golestan in Teheran in pictures. The palace, also known as the Rose Garden Palace, built in the 16th century, with its ornamental and figurative paintings on tiles, was pure inspiration. Golestan literally translates to city of flowers or garden of flowers.

Although I could not travel to Iran so far, I created a perfume that brings me there. It is an invitation to breathe the perfumed air of a flower garden, in freedom."

Notes: bergamot, ylang ylang, lemon peel, cinnamon, rose (Rosa Damascena), jasmine (Jasmine Grandiflorum), orange blossom, tuberose, cistus essential oil (Cistus Labdaniferus), patchouli, ambergris, vanilla, powdery sweet woods

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