Au Coeur du Désert

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Back in 2005, a chemist turned self-taught perfumer, very certainly unknowingly, released what would become a masterpiece of niche perfumery. That fragrance was L'Air du Désert Marocain; the perfumer was, of course, Andy Tauer. A blast of arid woods and dry spices, with the coriander taking the lead, made for an immediately recognizable, unforgettable scent. 

A little over a decade later, Andy decided to create an homage to his magnum opus by creating an extrait version that takes the spicy, woody heart and pulls it to the fore. It is enhanced in strength, with a moody darkness. Au Coeur du Désert is the arid land as the sun has set, the air still warm, the sky an inky black, studded with stars.

Notes: coriander, cumin, cedar, patchouli, ambergris, resin

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