Steamed Rainbow

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Dynamic niche perfume duo David and Kavi Moltz have done it again. Steamed Rainbow is a floaty and fantastic petrichor fragrance that captures the otherworldly post-rain mist that rises from the pavement as rays of sun break through the clouds, revealing an array of always awe-inspiring color. Rainbows.

Inspired by a piece of music by American minimalist composer, Terry Riley, Steamed Rainbow transforms as it wears — from an almost startling contrast between damp earth and soft, sweet fruit to an ethereal, wearable skin scent with undeniable originality. Word to the wise ... this is not a fragrance to test on paper, skin is where it comes alive. 

"I've wanted to make something that smelled like a rainbow for a long time (especially inspired by Terry Riley's A Rainbow in Curved Air). The concept is to use materials of every color in the rainbow in a certain proportion that is softened in the humid air of their abode. Now you can wear rainbows. Wait til you sniff how delicate they are." – David Seth Moltz, DS & Durga Perfumer

Notes: red mandarin, orange, yellow elemi resin, green cedar, blue almond flower, indigo grass, violet, vetiver, vapors

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