Soft Woods

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Soft Woods by Libertine captures the scent of dappled midday sun warming a verdant grove of fir trees, with a hint of rose, a pop of juniper and a waft of incense. A scent about hazy days in wild lands.

From Libertine
Soft Woods in other words: Bright morning light raked by tender green needles. A gradual warmth, an awakening. The speckled light of summer light sets the forest ablaze. Dewy petals twist and curve to dance in these holy spotlights. Rough hands of conifer slowly caress soft rose curves wrapped in sheets of silky daylight.

From perfume critic Luca Turin
"...a civilized but grand fresh-amber affair which Anthony Powell, had he been a perfume critic, would probably have called immensely presentable..."

black pepper, juniper berry, fir balsam, rose de mai, frankincense, vanilla Bourbon, musk

Joshua Smith

Libertine Fragrance is an independent North American perfume house, blending, bottling & labelling perfumes by hand in Canada. All Libertine Fragrances are vegan and cruelty free, unisex, and made slowly, with love.

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