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Heretic writes, "We’ve created a liquid version of the smudge stick, a bundle of burning medicinal herbs which has been used throughout history in various cultures to clear negative vibes. This mystical blend of herbs and resins such as clary sage, juniper, labdanum, and frankincense not only smells incredibly unique, but also possesses cleansing, grounding, and enlightening properties. Use a spritz or two to clear your space, your mind and spirit, and smell incredible doing it."

PURIFYING & PROTECTIVE. A cleansing herbal blend that brings mental peace and clarity.

CHAKRA: Crown & Third Eye
PLANET: Jupiter

FRANKINCENSE EXTRACT: Meditative & Clarifying
CLARY SAGE EXTRACT: Cleansing & Purifying
PATCHOULI OIL: Grounding & Centering

Notes: Atlantic cedar, frankincense, Sichuan pepper, clary sage, juniper, tonka bean, labdanum, patchouli, Canadian balsam, sandalwood, styrax.

Smudge is 100% natural and cruelty-free.

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