Ebony in Oak

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Deep, dark, and dense, the rare Ebony wood is finely textured and has a luxurious, multi-layered grain. When empowered, it shines with a lacquered reflection. Against the elegance of Ebony, the delectable and bittersweet character of Cocoa absolute entraps the wood in sweet & intriguing earthiness.

The sumptuous obscurity of the renowned Ebony wood is modernized with an elegant addicting thread of Cocoa & precious spices.

Yves Cassar decided to resurrect the precious Ebony wood, paying homage to this rare & prized ingredient. He used its multi-layered characteristic to transform it into a gilded wood.

To preserve its dark & elegant nuance, he perfectly harmonized the ingredient with bittersweet nuances, resulting in a luscious & luxurious scent.

Yves Cassar

pink pepper, cardamom, saffron, geranium, ebony, suede, cocoa, tonka Bean, Virginian cedarwood

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