Scent No. 44 Fire and Rain

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No. 44 Fire and Rain is a study in contrasts. Both are revered and feared. They are destructive and cause upheaval; yet they also stimulate change and renewal. This fragrance looks at both sides of each element through the filter of the California landscape. Memories of smoke-filled skies and mud slides at fire-scarred hillsides are tempered by sunny skies, soft breezes filled with flowers and warm woods, and a proximity to a salty coast.

Made in small batches by architect and perfumer Dannielle Sergent in San Francisco.

Notes: rain (Geosmin), California coast (salt, Grisalva), sunshine (pink grapefruit, blood orange and saffron), florals (neroli, gardenia, Hedione, geraniol), smoke (cypriol, hydrocarboresin, vetiver), warm breezes (light woods, musks, resins)

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