Salt Marsh Rose Candle

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A lazy ramble in hidden thickets on Cape islands where marsh rose and swamp mallows suck brackish tides. Ospreys hunt in estuary wetlands. Plovers plove. 

"There are groves that dot some of my favorite places in New England—the coast North of Boston, Nantucket, MV, and the like. Hidden from old gray cedar houses, in hot summer thickets, brackish ground water wells up. Small ponds and swampy marshes in summer are alive with birds, frogs, and dragonflies. Big heavy mallow heads, and wild roses shine like beacons in the dank muddy grass– DS & Durga

David Seth Moltz

mallow, sea lettuce, swamp rose, sweet pepper bush, creeping bent grass, lichen moss

7 oz. perfumed candle

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