Renaissance Voyageur

Renaissance Voyageur

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Sets of three fragrances from each scent collection express different facets of your personality. Choose a collection that matches your state of mind—thoughtful and flirtatious Dark Romance, warm and confident Renaissance, or romantic and wistful Anima. Plus, the luxurious travel case lets you bring your favorite anywhere in the world.

Thee Renaissance Voyageur includes:

Renaissance: An energetic, emotional fragrance, Renaissance unites different natural elements, from marine notes to honey to bergamot. The spicy, gourmand feel of the scent creates moments full of vitality.

Harlem Nights: A blend of orris and animalic musk replicate the feeling of smoking a fine cigar, while a rum accord smells like it was poured from the top shelf. Together, these notes create the anything-goes atmosphere of 1920s nightlife, where any night could become the stuff of legends.

Danse Sauvage: Wild and erotic, this boozy, spicy scent has the power to bewitch. A blend of plum, cognac, and chili notes will envelop you in mystery and charm, leaving others feeling drunk off of your presence.

Size: 3 x 7.5 ML w/ Travel Case

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