Rainbow Bar

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Rainbow Bar by 19-69 is evocative of the 1980s glamrock era in LA and the music scene and lifestyle of the US West Coast during the 1960s and 1970s. Elements like the sun, the blue skies and warm glow that embrace LA. Rainbow Bar fragrance notes include bergamot, bourbon and vetiver.

Notes: davana, bergamot, cypress, warwood, cardamom, marine breeze, fresh basil, elemi, artemisia, grape seed, hints of bourbon, nutmeg, vetiver, clove, guaiac wood, cedarwood, pimento seeds

“The notorious Rainbow Bar on Sunset Strip was founded when the word ´rainbow´ signified peace and freedom. In the 1980s the place became known as a hangout for rock musicians like Lemmy and Alice Copper. Rainbow Bar is featured in music videos of Guns N´Roses and Motörhead. As the lyrics in the famous song by America go: ´Driving on Ventura Highway, the free wind blowing through your hair´.” - Johan Bergelin, Founder & Creative Director

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