Olfactory Digressions: Ca So (Limited Edition)

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A hat for a perfume or a perfume for a hat ? CA · SO is a new way of wearing both in one and connecting with nature in an intimate and direct way. For this original and unique collaboration, Ernesto Collado of Bravanariz has created a curious mix between fresh and warm, eminently aromatic and with a sylvan (woodsy) touch. Made with fir, pine resin, lavender, lemon, sage and wild harvested rosemary. All this inspired by the plants that accompanied the creators of SUPER DUPER HATS in Italy since their earliest childhood and with the will to turn the gesture of putting on a hat into a powerful aromatic journey that invites us to go out there and enjoy nature.

VERY LIMITED SERIES (90 numbered bottles), of which we have been allocated 12 for the US market. We have a small tester in the store but are not able to sell samples. We will be sending out a spray sample with all online orders and will honor free returns of unopened packages in case you don't enjoy it.

Ernesto's thoughts on the ESSAIS:  "Digression is a literary form that departs from the central story. Hence, an eccentric form. In my career as an artistic creator, it has always been a form of resistance. Single thought is more comfortable but is enormously simplistic. The digressions assume and celebrate complexity, producing richness and nuance.

On this occasion, and with that spirit of search, we have collaborated with some of the best hat artisans in Italy, to create something absolutely new. A new concept or use, both for perfume and for the hat. A wonderful adventure that has given us two unique creations that are worn and enjoyed together.

Again, an invitation to surprise, to detour, sometimes long, sometimes, why not, a good unexpected shortcut. Our Olfactory Digressions take the olfactory experience further, going off the beaten track to have more references and promote a richer, more varied and intense olfactory culture."

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an Olfactory Digression. It does not comply with IFRA regulations, so is not necessarily recommended for topical use. It is recommended that you try it on a small patch of skin first.

Plants:  lemon (Citris x limon), pine resin (Pinus sylvestris), oak moss (Everrnia prunastri), lavender (Lavandula stoechas), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), bergamot (Citrus bergamia), sage (Salvia officinalis), fir (Abies).

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