Oh My Deer!

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Oh My Deer is a sensual musky eau de parfum by Spyros Drosopolous for his Dutch fragrance house, Baruti. The fragrance is described as, "A beautiful mess, sexy, sensual and a little bit kinky."

Spyros's Story: A dirty mind is a joy forever they say! The perfume started as an exercise in recreating the scent of deer musk, the accord was quickly done but releasing it as a standalone fragrance felt boring and redundant, so a whole composition was built around it. Focusing on contrast, the perfume opens very bright and radiant then slowly morphs in this sensual enveloping scent that provides excitement and comfort at the same time. 

Notes: black pepper, sichuan pepper, aldehydes, metallic notes, lily of the valley, incense, amber, vanilla, soft barnyard accord, musk (vegan)

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